L’Oreal Miss Manga Rock Mascara-Review

I first heard of this mascara from one of my all time favorite beauty Youtuber’s/bloggers Livloveshermakeup (You can also find her blog here). She is so bright, positive, delightful and I honestly just want to be her best friend. She’s a professional flutist (a quite talented one at that) and a fellow makeup enthusiast, and I always feel I am able to trust her opinions.

A few weeks ago she was wearing this mascara in a few of her videos and her snapchat (and oh my gosh did her lashes look incredible) and mentioned that it was discontinued. However, I happened to find a surplus of this mascara at my local TJ Maxx (for only $3.00 to $3.99 a tube). If you can’t find it there, you can also buy it here.


When you apply this mascara the formula is on the dry side and it dries very, very quickly. However, this mascara does wonders at lengthening and volumizing your lashes. I really like the way my lashes turn out when using this. However, be warned that when I say it dries quickly, I mean it. This mascara is good for layering if it’s the top layer but does not perform well while layering if it’s the bottom layer due to this.


I find this mascara holds up rather well through the day and doesn’t move around or make me look like I have raccoon eyes but after 8+ hours of wear it does begin to flake off. This mascara is easy to remove with micellar water and never leaves my lashes feeling brittle. If you see this in your local TJ Maxx I’d recommend picking yourself up a tube.

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