Trader Joes Micellar Cleansing Wipes-Review


This is a post I made a while ago in my previous blog. I moved my ramblings here because I wanted a more free format to talk about all things fashion and beauty. I thought I would share with all my friends here on WordPress.

I’m gonna be honest-I was so excited for these! I hadn’t yet jumped on the micellar water trend and I’ve been really interested in skin care lately so I thought this was the perfect opportunity.

These are good sized cloths, but they’re not very damp-which is something I’ve come to prefer in a makeup wipe.

These were so tough on my skin, I really had to rub. These barely took off my eyeshadow, forget about my waterproof mascara, even when saturated in water.

I’ve had a bottle of the Garnier waterproof micellar sitting in my closet unopened, so I cracked it open and put a little on the cloths, now that stuff was magical-especially for my waterproof mascara!

All in all I’d say these are a pass. They just don’t perform the job they’re designed to do adequately. Save the your skin and money and look elsewhere!




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