April Sephora Play! 

I know, I know I just posted a follow-up on my bag from February and haven’t even mentioned March yet (things slip your mind when you’re fighting for the job you want right before graduation; spoiler alert I got it!). Anyway, here are the contents and my first impressions of my April Sephora Play bag.

The bag itself, I think is pretty ugly. Lmao. I don’t know how to say that kindly, there’s nothing inherently wrong with it, it’s just not my style.

First things first, the perfume. Almost always this is the “whomp, whomp” of the bag BUT Marc Jacobs Daisy is my holy grail fragrance so I was pretty stoked to get this because I will use it and love it!

Next, I got a Makeup Forever Aqua XL pencil. It’s just a black eyeliner but wow is it smooth and creamy. Love that!

Then, a Smashbox face primer. I’ve tried this before and think it’s okay, I don’t hate it but don’t like it enough to buy the full size. However, Smashbox has a silicone based 24 hour eye primer and that bad boy is worth every penny if you’re in the market. This was a meh sample for me.

Now moving on to skincare (as this was a pretty skincare heavy month).

Sephora collection eye makeup remover: I’m excited to try this, as one of my favorite youtubers (prettypistol86 aka Cherish) loves this stuff and I trust her opinion! // *Edit* I tried it, I hate it. Ugh. It’s so oily and even on my dry skin it’s too much. *sigh*

Finally, I have Peter Thomas Roth and Kate Somerville. Two brands I was pretty freakin’ excited to see, as they’re more luxurious skincare brands and I already really love the PTR face masks. // *Edit* I love love love both of these! The exfoliator is gentle and minty smelling and is doing great things for my acne and the cloud cream is so luxurious on my skin.


4 thoughts on “April Sephora Play! 

  1. Congrats on getting the job!

    I think the girl on the bag looks like the Wendy’s girl let her pigtails out. Other than the bag, this play box is right up my alley I wish I had gotten it. 😕

    I’ve been meaning to try the Smashbox primer, I ordered that and the primer water in my VIB haul, I hope it works out for me but if not I guess I will try to return it. I love love Kate Somerville, PTR, and MUFE!! I’ve heard that Sephora makeup remover is one of the best and I’ve been meaning to buy that too, I’m sorry that didn’t work out for you either.

    I may have to order my stuff from Sephora… Great post, love the edit updates! 👍🏼

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    1. Thank you! I’ve been interning there since December and love my job so it really is such an excitement and relief in one!

      LOL! She does look like the Wendy’s girl. Which reminds me of marketing class, my professor was a regional marketing director for Wendy’s in our area and the subliminal messages through just learning about the techniques drove me to purchase many bugs that semester…lol off track ANYWAY..

      The smash box primer is nice! It’s just not my favorite, however, their eye primer which is also silicone based like most of theirs is my holy grail and amazing!

      Yes a lot of people are saying they didn’t like this months bag but I thought it had great picks!! Loving the Exfolikate and PTR and MUFE eyeliner! Woo.

      I’m gonna try the eye makeup remover again with waterproof makeup because i’m thinking it might be good for that! But, yeah otherwise super oily even for my dry skin.

      Thanks! 🙂

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      1. Oh my coworkers were on the Wendy’s account and I couldn’t help reading MOM on Wendy’s collar every time!

        I’ll keep a lookout for your update with Sephora’s eye makeup remover for waterproof makeup 👍🏼

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