Becca Rose Quartz Highlighter-Review


I purchased this highlighter for $38 on the Sephora website. This pan has .25 ounces of product. The shade is a mix of pear and rose gold, leaning on the cool-toned side.



There is some triangular/geometric embossing on the top of the powder. The box the highlighter comes in is holographic.



Unfortunately, it appears that it is no longer available on the Sephora website. That’ll teach me to wait so long to review things. However, you can still find the highlighter on Ebay and Amazon (if you’re willing to pay those outrageous prices). The outer packaging is a lovely pink metallic and silver round compact that looks like a traditional Becca compact outside of the coloring.


The swatches below on my fist show what the highlighter looks like on your skin. On my fair, cool-toned skin this highlighter appears as a very pale white/pink color. When applied on my face there is a bit of shimmer but is the kind of highlighter that just makes the skin look a bit dewey. It is a nice, subtle highlight. This is one that is perfect for every day use.

If you’re not willing to spend the $70+ online to pick up this limited edition product. Lorac Moonlight and Laura Mercier Devotion are similar picks that are currently available. A slightly lighter but still close alternative would be the rosy pink side of the Too Faced candlelight glow highlighter. All in all I think it’s a lovely product and worth picking up at the $38 price tag but not worth picking up for the inflated price (if you’ve had your eye on it).


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