February Sephora Play! Bag; Final Thoughts


It’s been about a month (err a little longer) of having these products so I thought I’d share my thoughts on what I received in my February Sephora play bag.

Sephora Lashcraft Mascara– I LOVE this. It adds beautiful length and volume, I will be using this sample to the very last drop and adding this to my to-buy list.

Origins GinZing Eye Cream- This smells nice, feels nice but I notice no special results with it.

Bite Beauty Multi-Stick in Cashew- This is pretty, a bit of a cream to powder consistency. The shade is nice and the product smells lovely, as Bite products tend to but I am so glad I never bought a full size one of these because despite it being a good, pretty product I am just not drawn to it and often let it sit to the wayside.

Tom Ford Neroli Portifino Perfume- I actually really enjoy the smell of this both in the bottle and on me but I can and will not pay $225 for a bottle of perfume unless I become a millionaire overnight, then who knows maybe I’ll have a ~crazy~ shopping spree.

Too Faced Lip Injection Glossy in Milkshake- This plumps my lips beautifully and has a nice shade but burns the hell out of my lips. I do really like the end result so I’ll continue to use the product but I don’t know that I’d purchase a full size at this point.

Clinique Pep-Start Hydro-Blur Moisturizer- I’ll admit, I’ve only tried this on my hand (this is the result of hoarding too many beauty products) but it has a nice scent and a blurring effect really reminiscent of Benefit’s Professional. I will report back once I’ve tried it on my face but so far no irritation on the skin, which is one of the reasons I seem to always love Clinique skin care.


TJ Maxx Haul

This past week I had the pleasure of doing some shopping with my mom at our local TJ Max and found some pretty cool beauty steals!


Smashbox LA lights blush and highlight palette $24.99

Too Faced Melted Metal lipstick in Metallic Bunny $5.99

Origins GinZing cream eyeshadow in Blue-tiful Burst $11.99

Estee Lauder Double Wear eyebrow pencil duo $16.99

Alba Bontanica fast fix for a pijmple $3.99

Pearl essence Dry Shampoo in Lavendar Fields $6.99 (this smells incredible)

Bobbi Brown Smokey in Seconds kit $34.99 (Includes liner, shadow stick, makeup remover and mascara)


Close up of the blush/highlight palette

Total Spent: $105.93 Honestly a pretty good haul for the total, I’ll update in a week or so with reviews of these products!

365 Days of Samples-2

Update #1 

Here are the samples I drew last time and my thoughts on them:

1.) The Professional Matte Rescue Foundation Primer-Benefit $28 for full size

I’ll be honest, I haven’t used this yet. I have extremely dry skin and live in northern Ohio, so I’ve been avoiding making myself look too matte and therefore dry and cakey, looks like this guy is rolling over to my next set of samples.

2.) Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Perfume $80 for full size

It’s a nice, light fragrance. It, however, does not last very long on me unlike the original Daisy. It disappears far to quickly and isn’t anything special. WNR.

3.) Origins Night-A-Mins  renewal cream $43 for 1.7 oz.

This smells really nice and is nice and hydrating. WCR.

4.) Belif Aquabomb moisturizer $38 for 1.68 oz.

I started using this a bit and it is extremely hydrating and lovely. It has a light fragrance and does good things for my dry skin. I’ve made a large dent in this but I’ve still got a bit left so this rolls over to the next set of samples. WR.

5.) Nexxus hair treatment $15.79 for 4.8 oz.

This actually made my hair really soft and nice feeling. I used it as a conditioner and was honestly really impressed with how far this small sample went. I already have my holy grail conditioner/treatment but if I ever couldn’t find it or needed something else I’d look for this. WR.

6.) Whish body butter (lavender scented)$18 for 5 oz.

I can not stand the smell of this stuff. However, it does moisturize my skin. However, I like to smell like something…that I can tolerate the scent of. I’m glad to be rid of it. WNR.

7.) Philosphy Take a Deep Breath oxygenating gel $40 for 2 oz.

This is okay, it smells nice and works fine. However, it’s nothing special. WNR.

8.) Tatcha moisture rich silk cream $150 for 1.86 oz.

Oh. My. Gosh. This stuff is luxurious and incredible but when I looked up the price tag I was honestly horrified. $150?! That’s crazy! I did find a travel size on Amazon for $33, I would consider purchasing this to see how far I could stretch it while it was still beneficial for my skin. This stuff made my skin so soft, supple and moisturized. I even hoarded and got the most I could out of this sample because I love the way it made my skin feel. WCR.

9.) Shea Moisture facial wash/scrub and mask(s). (It’s a 3 pack). All 3 + extras for $19.

Ugh. I think this stuff was okay as far as cleansing my skin went but the mask made my face itch like crazy and boy does this stuff stink, in the worst way. I couldn’t get through the additional two face products and will be passing them along to the friend because I can’t stand the scent and doesn’t do well for my skin. WNR.

10.) Josie Maran Argan Daily Moisturizer $32 for 2 oz.

Before I opened this I thought it was the organ oil, however this is a moisturizer. It is very sticky and has a texture like Elmer’s glue which I find off-putting. It does, however, moisturize my skin and make my skin feel nice. I’m not sure I can get over the texture though. WNR.

Stay tuned this week for my next set of samples drawn from my box.

8 samples finished so far! Not too shabby. 

WCR- Would consider repurchasing
WNR-Would not repurchase
WR-Would repurchase

365 Days of Samples-1

Last year I discovered Elle S. aka shadowsmoked on youtube and I was immediately hooked on her Project 365 Days of Samples, where she would use and review the samples in her sample box. As a beauty junkie, over time I too have accumulated a lot of samples that I have barely touched. I am now going to take on the year, as Elle did, and work through my sample box. Once I have used the products I will tell you what worked for me, what didn’t and what I can’t wait to purchase.

I drew ten samples out of my box to start with so here are the products I am beginning this project with:dscf1343

1.) The Professional Matte Rescue Foundation Primer-Benefit

2.) Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Perfume

I started using this a bit. It’s a nice, light fragrance. It, however, does not last very long on me unlike the original Daisy.

3.) Origins Night-A-Mins  renewal cream

4.) Belif Aquabomb moisturizer

I started using this a bit and it is extremely hydrating and lovely. It has a light fragrance and so far does good things for my skin.

5.) Nexxus hair treatment

6.) Wish body butter (lavender scented)

I also began to use this. I can not stand the smell of this stuff. However, it does moisturize my skin.

7.) Philosphy Take a Deep Breath oxygenating gel

8.) Tatcha moisture rich silk cream

9.) Shea Moisture facial wash/scrub and mask(s). (It’s a 3 pack).

10.) Josie Maran Argan Oil


Until next time!