It’s on sale, is it worth it? Becca Be A Light face palette


Earlier this year I purchased two Becca Be A Light face palettes in the Light to Medium shade (one for me and one I gave as a gift). I have just started getting more use out of it after hearing excellent feedback from the friend I gifted one too.




The mirror is nice and the powders are absolutely stunning. They are seamless and glowing on the skin and this palette is reminiscent of the $80 Hourglass holiday palettes (only larger and cheaper!). This guy retails for $46 and is on sale for $29 currently at Sephora and online. The only cons I can find with this item are that the packaging easily shows fingerprints and I find the bronzer a little warm toned for my liking (but I can still make it work)

Overall, I’d say if you were considering this before or on the lookout for a face palette this is definitely one to pick up! I’d definitely say it is worth it. If you’re a VIB Rouge you can use your Rouge bonus right now to get 20% off the sale price (or if you’re another tier you can use your coupon in the coming weekends).




BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic first impression

So I went to Ulta today to get my brows done and did a little stress shopping. There are exciting, scary, amazing, terrible (not really) things happening that have my stress levels through the roof. Last weekend was my best friends wedding and it was so fun and beautiful but also stressful and time consuming so I’m starting to decompress. Today I snagged this bh cosmetics baby for $16 which is an incredible deal for a palette these days. Especially when a crappy Maybeline palette is $14 (looking at you, blushed nudes). 

This BH palette has 18 shades which makes these colors less than $1 each! You can get a stunning variety of looks too! These shadows are baked so they work best with a mixing medium of your choice (I chose to use fix plus). Though they swatch fine dry, I don’t see them applying well without liquid. 


That being said, the look I achieved was quite vibrant and stunning! I used Earth, Neptune, Milky Way and Aphrodite. I also used Saturn as my face highlight.

There’s some pretty shades in both the warm and cool toned families. I will say there are two blues and two purples that are so similar I’m sure they’ll be indistinguishable on the eye but that still leaves 16 unique shades. However, this palette is all shimmers so if you are one of those people who refuses to use a shimmer in the crease because of ~rules~ (I get you if you have hooded eyes or small lid space) then this isn’t for you or you’ll need a companion palette of matte transition colors. 

I find this palette so aesthetically pleasing and totally dig the galaxy/space vibe and the marbelized shadows. I feel that this was a good buy as I had no issues applying or blending these shades and found them to be vibrant on the lid. I’m looking forward to creating more looks with this guy! 



Fiancé buys my makeup


A few weeks ago I was watching YouTube and I found some videos of watching YouTuber’s boyfriends buying their makeup. It seemed so fun and maybe a way to try things I wouldn’t have picked up otherwise. Whilst I don’t have the budget to let my fiancé go ape wild at Sephora, so I opted for CVS and this is what he came up with.

Maybeline Master Prime Blurring Primer

L’Oreal Magic Lumi Foundation

Maybline Spider Effect Mascara

Maybeline Master conceal concealer

Physicians Formula Murumuru butter blush in Plum Rose

NYX Noir eyeliner

Rimmell Lipstick in Listen Up (Because he knows I love bright lipsticks)

Milani Brights Eyeshadow Palette

I ended up paying about $115 for everything my fiancé picked out. I went home and created this look:



I didn’t have the best lighting at the time, so bare with me. At fist application I was over the moon for the mascara, blush and contour palette and that lip color!

Upon further use I am obsessed with the primer and concealer he picked out, quickly becoming some of my favorites. They eyeshadow palette is nice but not my choice for everyday makeup and I tend to reach for my Kat Von D tattoo liner over this NYX liner, though it is nice it’s harder to control.

Also, the foundation he picked is my new holy grail, as a dry skinned girl it just applies beautifully! It was honestly such a fun experience for a different kind of date night (we went to a pizza buffet then to the drugstore then he edited photos while I put on this face and let him tell me his final thoughts). I love that he supports my hobbies and it was something we could do together. So, if you’re thinking about it, it’s totally a fun challenge to work with all new products and you could even find new holy grails!

Hopefully in the future I can save a chunk for us to do this again at Sephora!




Too Faced Sweet Peach Glow-Review


So I’ve had this bad boy for a while now so I thought I’d share my thoughts with you all! I waited in that insane virtual line for hours to get my hands on this only to find out later it’s super easy to get your paws on. This sweet peach glow kit retails for $42 and contains a blush (or blush topper, rather), bronzer and highlighter.

This smells like peach rings candy. While I find this pleasant, I find the chocolate bar and other chocolate scented palettes overwhelming and off-putting so if you’re not into fake peach this is a hard pass. Also, the whole makeup smelling like food thing slightly weirds me out, I always wonder if that means it lessens the life and will expire sooner, maybe that’s be over thinking it but ick!

That being said I really like the blush, I enjoy the highlight and the bronzer isn’t for me. The blush is light and glowy and the perfect wash of peach for my cheeks. It applies well, as the product is not heavily pigmented which I find to be a positive thing for blushes. The highlighter is pretty and gives a natural glow to my face, not quite as subtle as hourglass highlighters but definitely not the crazy glow you get with Anastasia glow kits.

This bronzer could probably be pretty on the right person but for me it is far too orange. I have cool-toned, fair skin and this bronzer gives me more of a soft kiss of Tropicana (no pulp) rather than the sun-kissed bronze I was aiming for.

So if you consider that I’m not really a fan of the bronzer, that’s $15 wasted which is pretty steep. I say if you love this blush color, skip this and scoop up the papa don’t peach blush (which is gorgeous!) and if only the highlighter tickles your fancy, I’d opt for a a single peachy-toned highlighter instead.

Though I am satisfied with my purchase, I’d think this one through before dropping $42 on this baby.




TJ Maxx Haul

This past week I had the pleasure of doing some shopping with my mom at our local TJ Max and found some pretty cool beauty steals!


Smashbox LA lights blush and highlight palette $24.99

Too Faced Melted Metal lipstick in Metallic Bunny $5.99

Origins GinZing cream eyeshadow in Blue-tiful Burst $11.99

Estee Lauder Double Wear eyebrow pencil duo $16.99

Alba Bontanica fast fix for a pijmple $3.99

Pearl essence Dry Shampoo in Lavendar Fields $6.99 (this smells incredible)

Bobbi Brown Smokey in Seconds kit $34.99 (Includes liner, shadow stick, makeup remover and mascara)


Close up of the blush/highlight palette

Total Spent: $105.93 Honestly a pretty good haul for the total, I’ll update in a week or so with reviews of these products!