Ulta, CVS and Marshall’s Haul



Last weekend I went shopping with a friend of mine. I found a few goodies at Ulta, a few at CVS and a few at Marshall’s for a steal.


I got the Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter and Too Faced Tutti Frutti Razzle Dazzle Berry palette at Ulta for a total of $22 for both (I used about $18 worth of points and a 20% coupon for non-prestige items).


At CVS I had $5 in ExtraBucks I used for the Elf Highlighter and a 40% off coupon I used for the Milani, so it ended up being about $6.

At Marshalls I got the ABH liquid lipstick in Rio for $6 and the ABH Blush trio for $9.99! I also got the other Makeup Revolution highlighter there for $3.99.


So far I’ve used the palette for about a week and LOVE it, it has the creamiest shadows and gives the prettiest berry looks! I’ve used the Vivid baked Revolution highlighter a few times and the triple baked once. I’ve used the blush about three times and enjoy it, even used the darker blush as a bronzer a few times and I’ve used the liquid lip once. I haven’t broken out the Elf or Milani yet. I am very pleased with my purchases. For a grand total of about $47.98 I am very pleased with my new goodies.


Until next time.





BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic first impression

So I went to Ulta today to get my brows done and did a little stress shopping. There are exciting, scary, amazing, terrible (not really) things happening that have my stress levels through the roof. Last weekend was my best friends wedding and it was so fun and beautiful but also stressful and time consuming so I’m starting to decompress. Today I snagged this bh cosmetics baby for $16 which is an incredible deal for a palette these days. Especially when a crappy Maybeline palette is $14 (looking at you, blushed nudes). 

This BH palette has 18 shades which makes these colors less than $1 each! You can get a stunning variety of looks too! These shadows are baked so they work best with a mixing medium of your choice (I chose to use fix plus). Though they swatch fine dry, I don’t see them applying well without liquid. 


That being said, the look I achieved was quite vibrant and stunning! I used Earth, Neptune, Milky Way and Aphrodite. I also used Saturn as my face highlight.

There’s some pretty shades in both the warm and cool toned families. I will say there are two blues and two purples that are so similar I’m sure they’ll be indistinguishable on the eye but that still leaves 16 unique shades. However, this palette is all shimmers so if you are one of those people who refuses to use a shimmer in the crease because of ~rules~ (I get you if you have hooded eyes or small lid space) then this isn’t for you or you’ll need a companion palette of matte transition colors. 

I find this palette so aesthetically pleasing and totally dig the galaxy/space vibe and the marbelized shadows. I feel that this was a good buy as I had no issues applying or blending these shades and found them to be vibrant on the lid. I’m looking forward to creating more looks with this guy! 



Lorac Pirates of the Caribbean; 4 looks one palette & review!

Let me start this by saying two things. 1.) When I first saw this drop I had no intention of purchasing it but then I saw it in person and understood 2.) Lorac makes my single favorite eyeshadow formula of all time


This palette retails for $52 but was on sale at Ulta last week for $41. I used Kohls cash (that my mom graciously gifted to me) to purchase mine. The packaging is large, clunky cardboard reminiscent of old school Urban Decay palettes. The eyeshadow palette contains a slit on the side to store the blush/highlighter palette if you decide to purchase that as well (they’re not sold together).


This palette contains 18 eyeshadow shades and one mini eyeliner. This eyeliner is AMAZING. I kid you not it’s the best eyeliner I have EVER tried in my waterline. I was so, so surprised, as I’ve never tried any of loracs eyeliners or mascaras but boy will I be in the future.

This is a very cool toned eyeshadow palette and I am loving that, as I have a very cool complexion so these shades have been so flattering and so fun to play with. I’ve been infatuated with warm tones lately so it’s been fun to go back to my tried and true.

My favorite of the shadow shades are: silvermist, pirates chest, sea haze, silent mary and black pearl.


Above are my two favorite looks I created. This palette is fantastic for cool-toned smokey looks. I was able to create a silvery blue smokey eye with silver mist, yo ho, black pearl and silent mary and I was also able to create a green smokey eye using bones, sea haze, menace and ghostly. I LOVE these two looks and can’t wait to wear both of them again. Lip color on the left is Colourpop Clueless and the lip color on the right is Smashbox gloss in Pulse.

This next look was a very nice, wearable look that I rather enjoyed. I used the shades pirates chest, matey and compass. Lip color is Bite lip pencil in beige nude with a gloss over it.

For my final wearable look I used treasure, bones and tell no tales. I actually enjoyed this look far more in person that the way it photographed. Lip color is Nars Dragon Girl.


Overall, I really love this palette. It’s extremely versatile and it has been very easy to travel with. I also love the convenience of being able to store the blush palette (which I also purchased) in it so that I have a large number of my powdered face products all together. The large mirror is also very nice (there is also a nice mirror on the blush palette). Like most Lorac shadows they kick up up a bit of powder, but noticeably less than the Lorac Pro palette. These shadows are well pigmented and perform well. They hold for longer when used with a primer and or concealer on the lids (do note that I have very oily eyelids). I did find that sea haze performed far better with I sprayed some Maybeline master fix on my brush before picking it up and it was quite stunning foiled.


Swatches in the same order shadows are in the palette starting at the top left. 

I heard that this didn’t get the greatest reviews but I rather disagree. I find this to be an excellent and very versatile palette. It has proven to be travel friendly and able to create a variety of looks for day and night (dates, work, shopping days, etc). If this is something you’ve been on the fence about I’d say if you enjoy cool tones and the Lorac shadow formula and don’t mind bulky packaging then I’d say absolutely pick this up! It’s excellent quality and fun! This is the most inspired I’ve felt by a makeup item in a long time and I didn’t even think it was something I wanted at first.


That’s all for now!




Viseart Petit Pro Review


Viseart is a well known luxury brand used by pros and has very differing reviews from two of my favorite Youtube personalities (Stephanie Nicole who loves these and Livloveshermakeup who had the cool mattes palette and did not like it). I felt that for $30 I could give Viseart a shot and see if it was worth it for me.

This palette contains eight shades (4 matte and 4 shimmer) and a total of 5.84 grams of product, at a price tag of $30 (plus tax and shipping, however I did not include this in the per gram breakdown) it comes down to $5.13 per gram, which is actually pretty steep. I did get this during the VIB sale, as I was planning to purchase it anyway (woo a whopping $4.50 since off).


A warm toned look using this Viseart palette. 

First and foremost these swatch beautifully, they’re buttery and come off as high-impact shadows. Unfortunately for me, that’s about where it ends. The matte shades are lovely, the blend out nicely and have decent color payoff but they’re honestly no different than my Lorac mattes (which are my favorite). For the price of a Viseart palette I could purchase two Lorac palettes and be just as (if not more) satisfied. Where it gets worse are the shimmer shadows. I put one of my regular eyeshadow brushes in the shimmer shades and barely and pigment was picked up. I eventually had to pack it on and foil it onto my eyelids and then it barely held on for the work day. A few days later I used Juvia’s Place Masquerade palette and it held on better than the Viseart palette did (for slightly less money and more shades in a larger size).



In addition to the actual product, the size of the palette is quite literally the size of my credit card and it is in a fold-out cardboard container (I do know corrugate costs are up right now but this is a pretty teeny carton). The shadows appear to be in a plastic holder within the cardboard packaging and quite frankly just look cheap. They are easily removable so that they can be stuck in a Z-palette for a makeup artist or someone who enjoys condensing their collection. However, I enjoy using palettes all together and haven’t yet invested in a Z-palette.

Though the tones are beautiful I wouldn’t recommend picking this up. Rather invest in the Lorac Pro for $14 more and double the shade selection or the ABH Modern Renaissance if you’re looking for a beautiful warm-toned neutral palette. I’m super bummed that these didn’t live up to the hype for me, but ya live and learn.






VIB Sale Haul 2017


As, I’m sure a lot of you know the VIB sale started last week and continues through Monday. Though I’ve been VIB/VIB Rouge for a while this is my first time shopping the sale. These are the things I picked up!

Viseart petit pro palette (pictured above); I wanted to try a handful of Viseart shadows without paying $80 so this is what I landed on. It’s a beautiful selection of dark/earthy mattes and shimmers. I’ll do a full review when I’ve been able to play with it for a while. For the longest time I wasn’t on board with this whole “omg warm tones” trend but now I’m finally getting into it so I thought this was a perfect little palette to pick up!



Becca Prismatic Amethyst: I’ve been debating this one for a while, as I already have rose quartz. With my birthstone being amethyst combined with the collector in me said I have to have this. It is a beautiful more subtle opalescent white highlight with a lavender shift and it is honestly perfect for my skin tone, so no love lost!


Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow in the color sunset cove: This is a stunning holographic eye glitter that is wearable in the daytime. I already had molten midnight which makes a stunning smokey eye; but not something I could wear to work, whereas I can create a super fun look that’s office appropriate (well, at least in my office) with this! Lol.


Finally, I cashed in 100 points to try this YSL The Shock mascara. I’ll report back and perhaps even do a full review after I’ve tried this!


So, I didn’t pick up too much as 15% is honestly barely a discount unless you’re buying a lot/very pricey items, so I just picked up some things I was planning on getting anyway. Let me know what you picked up during the VIB sale in the comments!!

XO Amanda

TooFacedXKatVonD Better Together eyeshadow palette review

This collection will set you back a whopping $65 but also comes with a full size Better Than Sex mascara and a full size Tattoo Liner in Trooper. If you account for the cost of these two items in the price then you’re paying $23 for the eyeshadow palette or about $1.91 per shade.



On the Too Faced side there are six shades: BFF (matte cream), Lovely (matte baby pink), Friendspiration (shimmery brass) , Heart of Gold (shimmery green toned old gold), Power Couple (dark chocolate brown with gold glitter) and Better Together (deep shimmery purple).

I was pleasantly surprised with all of the shimmer shades on this side of the palette. The only two dudes in the whole palette were the two matte shades: BFF and Lovely. They take a lot of building up to get color payoff, whereas all the other shades glide on like butter. The matte shades though disappointing do work if you’re willing to spend a bit of time blending.



On the Kat Von D Side we have another six shades: Por Vida (matte white), Darling (shimmery grey), Yours (cool-toned deep, matte grey), Devotion (Deep matte black), Swoon (a gorgeous deep red with gold reflects) and Lovestruck (a light, shimmery, peachy gold).



Ahh all of the shades on the Kat Von D side are honestly stunning. They blend like butter and do not disappoint. They are the exact same quality I have come to expect from Kat Von D. Not to mention the overall aesthetic of this collection is stunning. The two palettes also are connected via magnet and come apart easily if you only wanted to take one side while traveling.



Overall, I find this collection a great value if you love the mascara and liner that the collection comes with or have been itching to try them. The quality, pigment and lasting power is all here in this little baby. I’d definitely scoop it up if you’re considering it!


Top 16 Beauty Picks of 2016

1.) Lorac Pro Eyeshadow (Eyeshadow). $44
Smoother than a baby’s bottom. 

I could gush about this eyeshadow formula for ages! These do kick up quite a bit of powder, but the way they blend like butter is well worth a little kick-up. I love the Lorac Pro original the most, as I find it the most versatile for every day. If you’ve been debating picking this palette up for a while, go ahead and take the plunge!

2.) Regis Hydrating Balm (Hair Mask). $15
A real tall drink of water. 

I don’t even have words for how incredible this makes my hair look. I have really thick, dry hair. It gets knotted and dry and damaged looking rather quickly from heat styling or hair coloring. I had been having serious split ends and a huge problem with my ahir looking dry and straw like. This was recommended to me by a stylist at a Regis salon and oh my gosh does it work. The stylist told me I could use it as a daily conditioner or as a mask I leave on for about 15 minutes at a time. I choose to use it a few times a week as a mask and the day after I use this (since I shower in the evening) my hair always, without a doubt, looks healthy, hydrated and just plain phenomenal!

3.) Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub (Body Scrub). $16
Seriously smooth skin. 

Not only does this smell lovely but it has the perfect size scrub exfoliants and is just the right balance of abrasive and gentle. The only thing I would change is I would put it in a squeeze tube, rather than a tub. A tub is hard to get in and out of while showering.

4.) Juliette Has A Gun-Not A Perfume (Fragrance). $28 for travel size
Simply scent-sational.

I got this fragrance as a deluxe sample in I believe a Birchbox earlier this year. I have never gotten so many compliments when wearing a fragrance before, I always feel so lovely and flattered when I spray this on. It is made of only one element Ambroxan/Cetalox. Supposedly this means the fragrance smells different on everyone, on me it is light and fresh with a slight musk and I love it!

Read more about Ambroxan/Cetalox 

5.) Glamglow Super Mud (Face Mask) $69
Clear as day. 

I know this stuff has quite the hefty price tag ( but you can find it for less than $69 if you do a little digging) but trust me when I tell you it’s worth it! I’ve used this both as a face mask and as a spot treatment.

6.) Maybeline Age Rewind Concealer-Brightener Version (Concealer) $8.99
The bright of your eye. 

Wow! This concealer has made all the difference for me. I have huge blue-black dark circles under my eyes (because I’m a vampire, duh) and this beautiful pink-toned concealer color corrects and makes me look awake and alive! This stuff is budget friendly and incredible.

7.) Estee Lauder Double Wear (Foundation) $39.50
Poreless perfection. 

This is a beautiful coverage that never looks heavy or ages the skin. I have rather dry skin myself and this foundation makes my face look airbrushed.

8.) Conair Infiniti hair straightener (Hair Tool) $33.99
From groove to smooth. 

I got this as a gift from my fiancé at the beginning of the year and wow is this incredible! It gets really hot and straightens every little bit of hair. My hair has never been straighter or smoother. I’ve had many high-end straighteners (Chi’s) that didn’t last nearly as long or perform nearly as well as this!

9.) Goody Tanglefix (Hair brush) $5.98
No more knots. 

I don’t know what to say other than I love this! It takes all the knots right out of my hair with ease. I find this best to use on my wet hair (blasphemous, I know) an it leaves my hair tangle free the next day when I go to style it! An excellent little brush that lives up to it’s name.

10.) Makeup Monsters Liquid Lipsticks (liquid lipstick) $15
Scary long-lasting. 

Eat, drink, laugh, this liquid lipstick is not going anywhere. Not only is the liquid lipstick long-lasting and opaque. It’s also reasonably priced and has the cutest packaging! You can grab two of these for the cost of many high end liquid lipsticks!

11.) Kat Von D Tattoo liner (Eyeliner) $19
Ink that stays. 

This liner is all in the name! It really doesn’t budge and has full opacity at first swipe. It stays all day without smudging, living up to it’s “tattoo liner” name.

12.) Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders (Highlighter) $46
Stunning sheen. 

I swear these powders can do no wrong. My sweet fiancé bought me the palette trio of these powders for our anniversary and holy cannoli are they gorgeous! They add just the right amount of luminosity to your face without being glittery or shiny. If you’re like me and have texture on your skin, these powders are for you!

13.) Maybeline Lasting Draw (Colored Eyeliner) $7.99
Courageous color. 

Most of the time I like simple black liner, usually with a wing but when I want to change things up these colored liners are so much fun! They stay beautifully on your waterline and are creamy enough to glide on with ease. The perfect liners to transform a look!

14.) Biore Deep Pore Charcol Cleanser (Skincare) $5.99
A real cool clean. 

This cleanser has a cooling effect on your face that really leaves it feeling clean and refreshed. Even when I was changing diets and medications that usually effect my skin this cleanser kept everything clear and beautiful. You can’t beat it for the price!

15.) Maybeline Better Skin Pressed Powder (Powder) $8.99
Fearlessly flawless. 

Wow! I can’t even believe this is a drugstore powder. It’s very finely milled and glides onto the skin with ease, leaving such a beautiful finish. It’s also not heavy and does not leave the skin looking cakey. Definitely invest in this powder if you’re in the market for one.

16.) Covergirl Supersizer Mascara $6.99
Supersize your lashes. 

Even if you already have long, voluminous lashes like I have been blessed with, this mascara will enchant your lashes. This mascara is magical. I was skeptical because I’m usually a fan of a larger brush and this one is really slim but it really just performs so beautifully.